Meet Our Residents

Meet Carson,

Carson is an American Kestrel, America's smallest falcon. Carson was brought to Barnswallow as a nestling by the IDNR after being confiscated from someone who was raising him illegally. Carson was not only an imprint when he arrived but also had other medical issues. The person that had him was feeding him cooked hamburger meat and he had grease pouring out of his feathers. After being treated with fluids, medication and nutritional support it was clear, with permission from the State and USFWS that Carson was going to live out his life at Barnswallow. He is afraid of the outdoors as well as people in baseball caps, this is thought to be a result of his previous circumstances. Carson is a great education bird for on-site programs.

Meet Frank,

Frank Wallace is an adult Northern Saw-Whet Owl. He was admitted to Barnswallow after being hit by a car. Frank cannot be released because he has a permanent shoulder dislocation, making him unable to fly. Although it is often difficult for adult birds to adjust to life in captivity, Frank is doing very well in his new home. Frank now resides at Barnswallow and is used as an education ambassador.

Meet Hubert,

Hubert is a red phase Eastern Screech owl. Hubert was transferred to Barnswallow from another facility for his rehabilitation process. He was transferred to Barnswallow to be raised with a group of other orphaned nestling Eastern Screech owls. It was apparent that Hubert was an obvious imprint due to his behavior while amongst the other babies. He was very afraid of the other babies and all other birds. The care Hubert received prior to coming to Barnswallow had caused him to become imprinted and habituated on humans. He has become a great educational ambassador for education at Barnswallow.

Meet Griffin,

Griffin is a Barred owl who was hit by a car as a fledgling. The collision caused a permanent dislocation to his left shoulder making him unable to fly. Griffin is used for education programs and lives with one of our retired Barred owls, Nick.

Meet Stella,

Stella is a Barred owl. She was admitted to Barnswallow after being hit by a car. When admitted, she had severe head trauma. The globe of her right eye had collapsed and needed to be removed. The removal of this eye made her unfit to be released back into the wild. Injury to or the loss of an eye can also affect a bird's ability to hear. An owl needs both to be able to hunt and feed themselves. Stella is very vocal making her a really fun education ambassador.

Meet Sarah,

Sarah is a Peregrine Falcon. She is famous for her eight years spent nesting on top of the Evanston Library with her mate, Joel. Sarah was part of a study and came in with both state and federal bands. Sarah was out hunting for food for her nest of newly hatched babies when she got hit by a car. She has a permanent dislocation at the wrist and is now an educational ambassador at Barnswallow. As an adult it was difficult for her to adjust to captivity but she has done well. Her mate Joel was also hit by a car a year later. Sarah knew the day and screamed to no end although he was in Evanston and she in Wauconda. Never underestimate the intelligence of a wild bird.

Meet the Frat Boys,

The "Frat Boys": Joseph and Lancelot, are male Great Horned owls. Cars unfortunately hit both them. Lancelot has a permanent dislocated elbow. Joseph who was brought in by a kind person late on Christmas Eve (thus the name Joseph) has a permanently dislocated shoulder. Both frat boys are now retired and will live out the rest of their lives at Barnswallow getting good room service. They are great companions but serious rascals.

Meet POOF!,

Poof! is a gray phase Eastern Screech owl. He was brought to Barnswallow as a fledgling. A member of the public had him since he was a nestling; the human interaction caused him to become an imprint on humans. Poof! does not have proper social skills with other owls nor would he have the proper instincts he would need to survive in the wild. That was taken away from him by being illegally raised by most likely well meaning humans who did not know better. Poof! was Snow White's first foster baby. Poof! has become a great educational ambassador at Barnswallow.

Meet Snow White,

Snow White is a gray phase Eastern Screech Owl and came to Barnswallow as a nestling. Eastern Screech Owls are the second most common owl in our area and are cavity nesters. His family's nest was in a tree that was cut down during the wrong time of year - spring. Trees should not be cut down or removed until fall or winter and only if necessary (like about to fall on a house). While the tree was being taken down he and one sibling fell from the nest cavity. They were left un-noticed or ignored on the ground. They were then sprayed with broad-spectrum lawn chemicals. Unfortunately, his sibling did not make it, but Snow White was able to pull through with the help of medication, fluids and nutritional support. Lawn chemicals are a derivative of nerve gas and can paralyze the throat rendering a bird unable to swallow. As you can see in the first photo, he spontaneously lost all of his head and neck feathers due to being sprayed. Due to the impact of the tree being cut thus the fall approximately 40 feet, he also lost vision and hearing on his left side, making him non-releasable. Snow White is now a permanent resident and is used as an education ambassador. He has become a fantastic foster parent for orphaned screech owls.

Meet Savannah,

Savannah is a male Red-tailed Hawk. He was recovered in an oak Savannah after hikers observed him on the ground for several days and finally called for help. He came in with West Nile Virus and due to a fall from his nest (aprox 40 feet) he suffered misaligned tips of his wing/digits. No parents were present or found and it is suspected they both perished from WNV. The injury to his digits has made it difficult for him to fly, he can only fly in circles. Savannah is a great educational ambassador for his species.